• DOB:
  • Breed: Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 14 hands

Cinder is a small, but sturdy, dark chestnut mare who quickly found her role here at Reins of Rhythm. She is proving herself to be friendly, hard-working, and versatile. Cinder has a natural ability to read her riders and know what they need, whether that is for her to be slow and steady, or challenging and head-strong. Her riders vary in skill level and she is able to read them quickly and provide the type of “horsenality” that will challenge their skills. Her small size makes her approachable, but she makes up for her size with her presence and abilities. We are happy to have Cinder on our team.

Cinder is owned by the Reins of Rhythm organization.

Riding & Horsemanship